Meet Kris

Hi, I'm Kris Groth, and I'm so happy that you stopped by.

Yes, my last name is pronounced growth, which is appropriate with the work that I do, assisting in personal growth and healing! I'm so honored to be able to share my gifts and passions with you to bring life-changing, transformational healing.

I am a spiritual mentor, craniosacral therapist, energy healer,  holistic occupational therapist, intuitive artist and spiritual writer.

I use my vast experience, wisdom and intuition to help people make profound changes, let go of old patterns, and bring true healing and wellness to all areas of life.

I am skilled in listening to what the body needs to promote healing and restore balance and function to the body, heart, mind and soul.

I love helping people connect more deeply to their own essence and spirit, and help them receive guidance and clarity about their souls path and purpose.

I have been a student of spirituality, meditation, and soul connection practices for many years. I have learned a lot on my own journey, and as a spiritual mentor.  I am excited to share my wisdom and presence with others to help them on their path.

I respect each individuals unique expression, direction, and beliefs, and will gently assist you in finding what is right for you to find peace, contentment, and passion in life, whatever that means for you.

I have had extensive training in various types of bodywork and healing, and I continue to expand my training and skills to provide the best possible care. 

My other interests include yoga, meditation, watercolor painting, going for walks in nature, skiing, dancing, reading, and spending time with my family. I have a wonderful husband, two amazing daughters, and a rescue dog named Misha, who believes she's a princess.

Princess Misha salutes you!

My family on the north shore of Lake Superior, MN

The image of unconditional love (Misha).

List of Relevant Training Completed

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Now a Best-selling Author!

Courageous Hearts: Soul-Nourishing Stories to Inspire You to Embrace Your Fears and Follow Your Dreams.      I have a personal story, "Finding Myself Lost", in this book. The story of my spiritual transformation and awakening on Mount Shasta.

365 Days of Angel Prayers     I have a special prayer in this book, called "Earth Connection and Healing Prayer".

111 Morning Meditations      I have 2 meditations in this book. In early 2018, this book will also be available for audio downloads (recordings of each author reading their meditations).

All of these books can be purchased on Amazon through links above, or contact me to purchase a signed copy.